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Vampire Optical Coatings researches, designs and manufactures nanotechnology enabled coatings and precision roll to roll coated PET and polycarbonate films. Our products control the reflection of light, increase refractive index, control of static electricity, increase outdoor lifetime of plastics, increase surface hardness and mar resistance. Our products are used by integrated circuit manufacturers, touch panel producers, ITO coaters, transit authorities, display manufacturers and flexible and printed electronics companies. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your current requirements or future projects.
Although plastic films are light weight, have a good combination of physical and optical properties; plastic surfaces are prone to scratching, damage or attack from solvent. Vampire Optical Coatings hard coated films reduce damage, improve process yields and improve the functionality of plastic films used by the Printed Electronics industry. Vampire Optical Coatings’ ProtecTuff™ abrasion and chemical resistant coated films are available on polycarbonate and PET with precision coated gloss or anti-glare abrasion and scratch resistant coated surfaces for a variety of markets. ProtecTuff™ AWC coated PET and Polycarbonate films exhibit excellent resistance to the effects of outdoor weathering while providing high scratch and abrasion resistance. Our films are available with UV ink receptive back side coatings per customer specifications. Contact us to see how we can assist you on your next project.
You need to be able to see and see clearly without obstruction. Vampire Optical Coatings’ patent pending ProtecTuff™ multi-layer films are designed to make this possible in almost every situation. We specialize in paint booth window and light protection as well as sandblasting window protection. Are bugs and dirt covering the coated polycarbonate windshield of your flat track car? Apply our scratch and abrasion resistant multi-layer film to the windshield and simply remove the bugs, dirt and scratches that have accumulated and expose a fresh layer of uncontaminated film. Mud covering the lens of your motorcycle helmet? Our multi-layer films work there too. Whether it is on the track, our in the woods laying paintball or on the hospital, our films are designed for maximum durability, easy removal, high light transmission and high clarity; such that, you will not even know that they are there- until you remove the dirt and damage. Call Vampire Optical Coatings today to discuss our ProtecTuff™ multi-layer films or a custom design that you have in mind.
According to the Transit Cooperative Research Program, vandalism of windows costs the City of New York $60 to 70 million annually. The costs over the entire United States are in excess of $1 billion annually for etching, scratching and other vandalism of glass surfaces on subways, buses and public trains.1 In addition, research has shown that prompt removal of scratch art from window surfaces reduces re-tagging of that area substantially; thus, most metropolitan areas have policies in place that mandate all graffiti must be removed promptly to prevent more 'art work' from showing up. Prevention, improved resistance of glass and glazing system materials to vandalism and repair of damaged glazing are all ways to reduce damage to the physical infrastructure of a transit system. Prevention means more security and more staff. Repair of damaged windows by polishing means a lot of time spent polishing out damage on glazing materials. While single layer anti-graffiti films serve to protect windows from damage, the time required to install this film on each window is a significant burden on transit staff and budgets. VOCI has developed a patent pending multi-layer material that reduces the installation and removal costs associated with scratch art and vandalism. Our solution allows a single installation of the vandal and graffiti resistant film with 4 renewable layers. No adhesive residue to scrape off after damage. No window removal after damage- simply peel away the damage, wipe with glass cleaner and the work is done. Vampire Optical Coatings' ProtecTuffT ML44 anti-graffiti film is the answer. 1) Responding to Vandalism of Transit Bus and Rail Vehicle Passenger Windows, TCRP, Research Results Digest, July 1996, volume 9
Static electricity is all around us waiting patiently for a path to ground. If we are lucky, it is a simple electric shock and a giggle; however, life is rarely that simple. Static builds up when materials separate from each other- think an unwinding roll of film or separating a release layer from adhesive backed labels. Static builds up when thing rub together. Something as simple as wind blowing across the face of an insulative plastic can cause a discharge event. Static electricity is ever present and must be controlled. Our permanent, transparent, durable and non-humidity dependent ESD coated films are used to:
  1. Prevent dust accumulation in clean room areas.
  2. Eliminate the potential for static discharge to ruin sensitive electronic equipment or circuits
  3. Reduce the chance of a stray spark from a lens on a 4-gas monitor causing an explosion of volatile gases on an oil and gas rig or during clean up of an illicit drug lab.
Reflection of light is a serious issue: it reduces visual acuity, causes eye fatigue and is generally annoying in situations with high lighting intensity. Generally, light reflects about 4 to 5% off of the inner surface of glass/plastic lenses and another 4 to 5% off the outer surface of that same lens or put another way, a loss of about 10 to 11% occurs at the surfaces of the lens. This happens each time there is an interface between the lens and air; thus, multiple lenses with air gaps are quite shiny. Reflection can be controlled by interference coating (i.e. Anti-Reflective Coatings) or by coatings that diffuse the reflection (i.e. Anti-Glare coatings. Anti-Glare coatings are cost effective but are hazy, result in decreased visual acuity and lower the light transmission; therefore, Anti-glare coatings are not suitable for most lens applications. Anti-Reflective coatings not only lower the reflectance of the surfaces but also increase the light transmission- thus, visual acuity is improved. Vampire Optical Coatings offers many different types of Anti-Reflective coated materials: broadband high performance AR-2 coated film for clear plastic lenses with greater than 99% light transmission, AR-2 coated clear plastic lenses with 97% light transmission, highly chemical and scratch resistant AR-2coated lenses with 97% light transmission, multi-layer AR-2 films and custom made AR coated films tuned to specific wavelengths. Contact Vampire Optical Coatings today to discuss how we can help you with your current needs or next project.
Vampire Optical Coatings’s UV curable hard coating products are designed for a variety of applications; from coating of flat sheet acrylic and polycarbonate to hemispheric lenses. Our coatings exhibit high chemical and abrasion resistance on most plastic surfaces. Our UV curable coatings are usually supplied at 100% solids, so what you put on your film ends up on the film- no solvent emissions, reduced shipping costs, greater throughput and reduced factory footprint for the same output- all while allowing a reduction of work in process inventory at your facility. Although we have our standard UV curable hard coatings (print receptive, high abrasion resistance, UV blocking, corrosion resistant coatings) for various applications, we welcome the opportunity to put our expertise to work developing formulations that meet your exacting standards. We can do the formulation, lab testing, scale-up testing, mixing and package the coating for you. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Cast & Cure: The Process

In the UV Cast and Cure process, a coating is applied to a substrate (i.e. Cast) and an overlay film, which has a desired pattern- lenticular, holographic images, light diffusion features, is wet laminated to the coating, subjected to actinic radiation (UV or EB) to effect cure. (i.e the Cure stage) The cast & cure method allows reproduction of very fine feature sizes in holograms or light diffusion films into a durable coated finish, without solvent emissions and at high production rates. Lastly, the overlay film is separated from the primary film, rewound and can be reused for the next production run that uses that pattern. Vampire Optical Coatings welcomes the opportunity to discuss your project requirements, to help with product development, prototyping on roll-to-roll coating equipment and scale-up to full production. Contact us to discuss how we can assist your company with its current requirements or future projects.
Vampire Optical Coatings’ ProtecTuff™ graphic films are precision coated to provide excellent abrasion and chemical resistance in gloss and anti-glare finishes. Our ProtecTuff™ AWC (abrasion, weather & chemical resistant) coated films combine these properties, in attractive clear gloss or anti-glare finishes, with easy processing for use in outdoor applications, low initial color and low color change after UV exposure. Recommended applications include: Caution labels, outdoor graphic overlays, Kiosks, exposed lenses and gas pump labels.

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